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Technical Coordination

A project leader from our GLAFCOS MARINE staff will be assigned to the project and will coordinate the Glafcos Marine services throughout our involvement.

Pre-Contract Advisory Services

Production of inquiry documents, such as specifications and guidance drawings.

Assisting the client in the appraisal of the tender bids from the shortlisted shipbuilders.


Assisting in contract negotiations and at the finalization of the design selections by participation in discussions between client and contractors and manufacturers.

Post-Contract Advisory Services

This phase of the project management concerns design appraisal followed by supervision of the work at the ship-yard/workshop and attendance at sub-contractors works to ensure compliance with the contract documents and agreed amendments.

Appraisal of drawings of the technical data applicable to areas such as hull, machinery, electrical equipment, general utility systems and outfit.

Compliance with regulations - GLAFCOS MARINE would advise on the required degree of compliance with national and international regulations for common or specialized vessels.

Supervision on site-this includes the supervision of construction and outfitting work and attendance at inspections and tests of structure, machinery, equipment and systems and on sea trials prior to delivery to confirm that the specified and contractual requirements are achieved.

Attendance at sub-constructors works involving the inspection and witnessing of tests of major items of machinery and equipment at nominated sub-contractors works.



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