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Pre-repair Services

Preparing, after detailed inspection, a full set of inquiry documents such as: repair specifications, guidance drawings etc., in order to conclude in conjunction with our client's requirements for the tendering purposes.

Participating in discussions with the client and shortlist repairers in order to assist the client appraise the existing quotations and finalize his selections.


During-repair Services

This phase mostly consists of supervising the works at the shipyard/workshop and attending of sub-contractor's works to ensure compliance with the contract documents and agreed amendments included at the aforementioned specifications.

Supervising on site includes: Surveying of materials, attending of steelwork, supervising of construction and outfitting work as well as systems installation. In addition, we examine and/or conduct non-destructive testing and other quality control techniques and tests of structure, machinery, equipment and systems, prior to delivery, in order to confirm that the specified and contractual requirements are achieved.

Liaising with the shipyard every time they face a problem, when they try to change scheduled procedures or an unpredictable problem arises from the vessel's side.

Our Surveyors understand local conditions and working practices. They can communicate effectively at all levels throughout the shipping community and are available 24-hours a day. That's why they can ensure that the constructional standards are met in Shipyards around the world.

During repairs owners are constantly advised on the condition and progress of repairs. They are also supplied with performance records, which provide recommendations and action plans defining how problems can be effectively resolved as well as with a constantly updated budget.

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