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Technical & ENgineering DEpartment Remote Support

TENDER is a new service for vessel attendance in Chinese ports. The range of services consists of but is not limited to:

  • condition surveys by maritime experts with extensive experience

  • documentation and reporting of findings using modern maritime practices

  • automatic filling out of survey forms

  • in place reference/support of findings with pictures/video

  • automatic upload of completed reports to the Cloud with remote access of results from anywhere in the world

  • cloud based services enable instant access to findings from anywhere in the world

  • automatic update and notification of responsible users and administrators

  • secure access and protection of sensitive data

  • automated logging and recording of events


TENDER services are executed by our experienced superintendents for the Condition survey twice per year at any port in China, with the flexibility to revisit the ship at the customer’s discretion during any port call and/or repairs & maintenance activities. The staff is based at the offices of SinoGlafcos in Shanghai and Guangzhou and can attend the vessel within 24 hours.

TENDER services aim to serve the Shipping Company as the tender boat serve the major.

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