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Glafcos extensive inspections included in our detailed survey package and our state of the art non-destructive, non-intrusive surveying tools will reflect the current appearance and functionality of the vessel.

The checks include hull structural integrity, hull identification number (HIN), vessel's papers, engines, fuel and drive systems, steering system, electrical components and wiring, electronic and navigation equipment, various on board support systems including fresh water systems, air conditioning and sanitation, ground tackle /anchor, bonding systems, standing / running rigging, sails, running gear and all safety equipment. The survey might include sea trials, operational testing of all systems and out of water bottom inspections when required.

Everything will be reported in detail following our industry standard reports but then also summarized in our detailed findings and recommendations chapter in clear, concise and very easy to understand language with pictures and without excessive use of special terminology.


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This survey is performed to assist the insurance company in the determination of the risk involved for a particular vessel as well as the current fair market and/or replacement value.


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This type of survey is performed in order to obtain adequate data for the determination of the fair market value for the vessel. The survey is a valuable tool when considering the purchase of any new or pre-owned yacht regardless of its age, condition and location.


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This service is offered with worldwide coverage to prospective buyers that want to save the time and expenses of personally visiting a vessel. A video session of the entire survey will be recorded in 4K resolution including professional photographs and will be sent to the prospective buyer together with our detailed survey.


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This type of inspection and investigation is conducted in order to demonstrate or determine the extent and cause of a reported casualty or damage. Our professional report may be used to assist you in the insurance claims settlement process, assist in disputes, but can also include recommended repairs and estimated repair costs for the owner.


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Glafcos Marine Group has a separate department to conduct UTMs, equipped with the best in the industry ultrasonic hardware. These tests are performed by non-destructive ultrasonic echo machines that measure the thickness of several different materials including steel, aluminum, plastics such as Polyester (PES), Polyethylene (PE), High-density polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene(PP), Polyamides (PA) (Nylons), Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC/ABS) and Polyurethanes (PU) and various kinds of composite materials including all carbon-fiber–reinforced plastics(CFRP) and fiberglass glass-fiber reinforced plastics(GFRP). This method allows us to assess the vessel’s condition in critical parts and pinpoint future or current problems for repair or intervention.


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Glafcos offers this type service in order to inspect a vessel in areas where conventional marine survey methods cannot be performed. By using our thermal imaging hardware, we can detect mechanical, electrical or hull problems by recording temperature and radiation anomalies. These machines can reveal hidden or future problems before they even show up including overheating wires, malfunctioning electrical equipment (over heating or corroded electrical connections), malfunctioning bearings, engine heat sources, transmission heat sources, fire hazards in engine room and accommodation, marine air conditioning malfunctions, leaks ,water intrusion and moisture problems (working in conjunction with moisture meters) and fiberglass and other composite materials delamination.


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Our team can perform oil and fluid analysis that can identify insidious problems that could drastically shorten your engine's life or lead to failure before they happen. For example, one of the most frequent cause of diesel engine failure is antifreeze. There are several ways coolant can get into the oil. Head seals, pin holes in wet liners, injector cups and the oil cooler. By the time you see discolored oil, the problem has very likely progressed beyond a point of economical repair.

Fuel dilution problems are also an issue in diesel engines. Bad injectors and fuel pumps can dump serious levels of fuel into the oil sump, affecting the oil's ability to function properly. Left undetected, a fuel system problem can also cause catastrophic engine failure. Preventive maintenance in the form of oil and engine fluids analysis by Glafcos' experts can help you avoid costly repairs.

*We can also check and test water supply systems for purity and efficiency.


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Carbon monoxide (CO), when encountered in higher than normal concentrations, can be very toxic and dangerous to humans. Unfortunately, being a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air, I t is very difficult to detect. Our team can perform measurements with specialized equipment that can detect CO in the air and CO leaks even in minor concentrations recommending possible solutions.


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We check for the two most common types of metal corrosion in the marine environment of a boat which are galvanic action and electrolysis below and above the sea line. By tracing the sources we can prevent further or future damage to the vessel. The survey includes use of special equipment and meters around the vessel and in the existing anodes and bonding protection systems that are currently in place.


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Glafcos Marine can run tests and diagnostics in all types of marine engines. In the newer models with a built-in ECU we can use our special adapters and software in order to communicate with the engine directly. This method offers real-time actual values with the engine running as well as data logging capabilities in order to test the engine or troubleshoot possible problems.


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With our engine test kits we can perform compression tests for all types and generations of engines revealing internal problems and calculating the engine’s current status and timeframe for an overhaul.


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We have developed some complete management packages for owners that wish to be freed from the tasks and hassle of having their yachts ready 24/7 whenever and wherever they need them.

Depending on the vessel and the needs of our client, these services are performed on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals and include regular reporting about maintenance schedules and performed or required tasks on the vessel. Our packages are highly customizable and with very flexible pricing allowing everyone to experience a higher level of yachting.


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Our team of experts can survey any type of boat or yacht regardless of the year of built or construction method or material including classic boats, wooden boats, experimental boats, etc. Furthermore, our in-house R&D team can help future or current owners fulfill their dreams by turning their ideas into reality. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any special project or request.


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For newbuilding, conversion or major modifications, Glafcos can provide services tailored to suit your specific needs. These can range from a comprehensive package to certain agreed elements only.

Our full package includes technical coordination from a project leader from our Glafcos staff , assigned to the project that will coordinate the services throughout our involvement. The leader will offer supervision of the work at the ship-yard/workshop and attendance at sub-contractors works to ensure compliance with the contract documents and agreed amendments . Glafcos would also advise on the required degree of compliance with national and international regulations for common or specialized boats and yachts.

Supervision finally includes sea trials prior to delivery to confirm that the specified and contractual requirements have been achieved.


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For boat or yacht repairs, Glafcos can provide a technical team, composed by Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, that has the potential and experience to judge the condition of a ship and the necessary repairs needed in order to bring it back to her former glory and to the owner’s standards.

The team can stay to overview and complete the necessary repairs working together with the shipyard of choice also handling the insurance aspect of the repairs if needed.


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Sea trials and out of water inspections are very important during a survey as they can reveal issues that couldn't have been spotted otherwise. Purchasing a vessel usually is a large financial commitment so making sure that a vessel performs at sea as intended by its manufacturer is paramount.


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Our surveyors will record the number and type of sails as well as the types of reefing and furling. They will record information about their condition, age, material and thickness comparing them to the manufacturer’s standards.


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Our team of experts can help you design and install all kinds of electric, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems on board your boat. Including: engine remote controls, alarm monitoring systems, level monitoring systems, pneumatic controls, autopilot systems, meters and instruments, electronic and electrical controls, Smartphone integration systems, entertainment systems, navigation systems and equipment, cameras screens and gadgets. We can also assist in the design and installation of various fire detection and safety systems.

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